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About Anne

I am a wedding and portrait photographer based in Indianapolis, IN who focuses on photographing real moments for awesome, down-to-earth people.

My approach to photographing weddings is to observe and capture images that may otherwise be missed or forgotten while you are in the moment. I see my camera as an extension of myself and making pictures as an opportunity to capture both seldom and often seen aspects of others. Some of my most valued objects are old photographs of my family – some that I am in, some that I have photographed, some captured long before my parents met. My goal is to create portraits that will be beautiful hanging your family’s walls today and for many generations to come – still showing you as you are.

I’m the mother of a beautiful 13 year-old girl, wife to one fabulous man, and caretaker to a dog who loves herding chickens and a cat who thinks he’s a dog.


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